101 Ways We Grow Recovery at The Caring Center of Wichita

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The staff at The Caring Center of Wichita are non-judgmental, meet everyone where they are at in their journey to recovery or other life changes or difficulties they are facing. Everyone decides what they want to work on with the understanding it is not about, “what is wrong with you”, but rather, “what happened to you” and how you react to it with the right guidance and support.

Peter Ninemire, the owner and director of The Caring Center of Wichita, is a good example of someone who changed the course of his life. He is uniquely qualified to work with individuals who have problems with drugs, alcohol and the mental health needs that often accompany these problems.

As an adolescent, Peter began using marijuana and later became involved in the drug-related lifestyle of using and selling marijuana and other drugs. This ultimately led to three marijuana-related convictions for cultivating and distributing marijuana, which culminated in a 27-year federal mandatory minimum sentence that he received in 1991. Peter served 10 years of that sentence in federal prison before, on the greatest day of his life, January 20, 2001, former President Bill Clinton commuted the remaining 15 years he had left on that sentence.

Peter specializes in the treatment of addictions and mental health. He emphasizes the treatment with family’s and patient’s understanding the neuroscience of addiction, or how drugs and alcohol impact the brain and behavior. He believes that addiction is a physiologically and/or chemically induced brain disease that ultimately has to be treated in the environment where the symptoms occur. Mr. Ninemire is a licensed specialist clinical social worker and is also a licensed clinical addiction counselor in Kansas.

Three years prior to beginning his own private addictions and mental health practice, Peter was the supervisor and mental health therapist for the Sedgwick County Drug Court. Peter has also worked with adolescents, probationers and parolees involved in the criminal justice system.

In private practice for the past 5 years, Peter and his staff are serving patients from all walks of life, with adolescents being a large segment of the population served.



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 Peter on Stossel

Peter has been a tireless advocate for the treatment of those struggling with drug and alcohol addiction. Peter has appeared on both television and in various magazines discussing his experiences in federal prison and his views on what needs to be changed. In July 2012, he appeared on Stossel to discuss mandatory minimum sentencing laws. Click here to watch the video.