Peter Ninemire believes that patients who suffer from the disease of addiction should understand that “it is not about what is wrong with you”, but rather, “what happened to you”. It is important for families to understand that as well.

Much focus in treatment is given to patients gaining an understanding of disease via interactive PowerPoint presentations, lectures and videos explaining addiction as a physiologically-induced compulsive brain disease. Peter relates how this knowledge, that he began to acquire in 2004, helped him transcend the guilt and shame he felt for years at not being able to control his behavior as it related to his marijuana and cocaine use.

Peter believes that this knowledge is a powerful tool for those suffering from addiction. He is now able to correlate the addictive beliefs and behaviors seen in those he serves into a manifestation of this disease. He also involves the family in this educational/treatment process to help them understand and depersonalize this disease.

Peter regularly attends conferences on addiction medicine that includes Harvard Medical School and other top-rated conferences in this area. His staff also are regularly provided with opportunities to increase their knowledge and expertise in this area as well gain the latest evidence-based treatment modalities and approaches that most effectively create change and promote growth in patient’s lives.