Peter Ninemire


Peter Ninemire is a licensed specialist clinical social worker and licensed clinical addiction counselor with over 15 years of experience supervising substance abuse treatment programs. His area of expertise is in the treatment of co-occurring disorders, simultaneously treating both the addiction and mental health disorders.

Peter has an experiential and research-based understanding of the neuroscience of addiction. He understands how drugs and alcohol impact the brain and behavior, and how this creates addictive beliefs and the behaviors seen in people dependent on drugs and alcohol. This information is also imparted to family members to help them understand the true nature of the disease of addiction.

This information and approach helps clients transcend the fear, guilt and shame locking many in their addiction by changing their perspective from “what’s wrong with them” to “what happened to them”.

Peter and The Caring Center of Wichita utilize the client-centered/motivational interviewing approach leading to clients finding themselves and discovering meaning, purpose and direction in their lives.

Peter frequently provides related training in the community in a variety of settings and venues.