More Information About Peter Ninemire

peter2Peter Ninemire is uniquely qualified to serve as Director of The Caring Center and work with individuals who have problems with drugs and alcohol and the mental health needs that often accompany these problems.

As an adolescent, Peter became involved using marijuana, and later the drug related lifestyle of using and selling marijuana and other drugs. This ultimately led to three marijuana-related convictions for cultivating and distributing marijuana, which culminated in a 27-year federal mandatory minimum sentence that he received in 1991. Peter served 10 years of that sentence in federal prison before the greatest day of his life, January 20, 2001, when former President Bill Clinton commuted the remaining 15 years he had left on that sentence.

Peter received word of his release from prison 15 minutes before President Clinton left office. He states that this all remains surreal to him today as he continues to live the dream that he was afraid to dream in prison, as he works with others to avoid the pitfalls that led him to prison. This all began with a chance opportunity to speak to a group of troubled teens who were on a youth education tour of his prison. In that instant, he got something in his heart that he knew no one could ever take away when he discovered that you truly can only have what you give to others. This was the hallmark of Peter’s personal transformation in federal prison whereby he helped establish Jericho Road, a notable prison youth counseling program. He ultimately developed a curriculum and trained his fellow inmates how to communicate and get in touch with at-risk youth.

After Peter’s miraculous release from federal prison in 2001, he moved to Salina, Kansas to be with family. He ultimately moved to Wichita, Kansas, in 2002, to be with more family and begin pursuit of a drug and alcohol licensure, so that he could begin to pursue his dream of working with at-risk youth as a free man. Along the way, Peter fell in love with social work and gained his master’s degree from Wichita State University in 2006. He became a licensed clinical addictions counselor in 2008 and will soon become a licensed clinical social worker after accumulating over 5,000 hours of practice.

In the last five years he has worked with at-risk youth, parolees, probationer and others from many paths of life and avenues to their addictions. Many who have been involved in the criminal justice system state that Peter is the one person that has inspired them the most to change their lives, not only by what he has done with his freedom, but because along the way they felt that he was the one person who could most relate with their experience.

Peter’s past work has included being the adolescent treatment supervisor at Adolescent, Adult Family Recovery, a substance abuse counselor/therapist with both the Wichita and Sedgwick County Day Reporting Centers before becoming the addiction treatment supervisor/mental health therapist for COMCARE with the Sedgwick County Drug Court.

In 2012, Peter opened his own addictions and mental health practice at The Caring Center of Wichita. He states that all of the previous experiences gave him the ability to start his own practice. The most rewarding aspect of that is having the latitude of being able to meet individuals from all walks of life and socioeconomic backgrounds where they are at in a non-judgmental individualized counseling experience. Please view treatment approaches that Peter and his staff take under on this website.

Peter must acknowledge a few of the many people who made the dream he is living today possible. That would include: Julie Stewart, president of Families Against Mandatory Minimums, who presented and supported Peter’s commutation of sentence; Marilyn Trubey, the former Federal Public Defender who stood beside Peter during his 10 years of incarceration. (She told him at his sentencing that the length of his sentence was not right and vowed to “either get him out of prison or exhaust every remedy possible along the way”. She obviously made good on every aspect of that promise). Steven Steinhaus, CEO of Counseling Inc in Ellsworth, Kansas who presented Peter with the opportunity to create the Wichita branch of Counseling Inc.

Lastly, Peter would like to thank his family and a multitude of friends for their support, encouragement and belief in him over the years before and after his release that allowed him to transcend the guilt, shame and fear that placed him third on the most wanted list in Kansas in 1990 to presenting a five-part training series he created on the neuroscience of addiction to the Sedgwick County District Attorney’s offices in 2009.

It truly has been an amazing journey!