Provided Services

This usually entails the initial meeting with staff and opportunity to get to know you and “meet you where you are at” in your life and potential change process. The staff explains services and approaches to work out what would be a good fit for each patient. They include outside resources and the possibility of engaging other treatment providers.

This usually occurs after consultation or at the time of first visit to facility. The staff has a keen sense of the uncertainty and vulnerability involved in sharing intimate details of your life with another human being. This is a time when trust and rapport begin to be developed, which is considered a process and not an event.

Please find the Intake Forms under Forms on this site. It is recommended that they be printed and completed as much as possible before coming to assessment so that this does not take up too much valuable time in a session. Staff will help you complete the paperwork at the facility and give you copies of forms at the office if you are unable to print or complete them.

As part of the “individualized treatment experience” you will receive at The Caring Center of Wichita, the staff will do their best to accommodate treatment with work schedules with regard to scheduling individual sessions and realizing the huge part employment plays in recovery.

Groups provide a sanctuary for patients to share their obstacles and progress with their recovery. An understanding of what others, like themselves, are going through and collective input becomes a source of strength and road to helping define and becoming okay with oneself.

Couples Counseling
This normally involves each respective party relating their perspective of the problems in their relationships that resulted in them seeking marriage or couples counseling. Therapists allot equal amounts of time for each party and bring them together once a comprehensive understanding of problem has been gained. The goal is often for them to recognize and change their patterns of communication and begin addressing and resolving their issues in a safe comfortable space. Their problems are mediated in a professional manner that allows each party to gain insight into the role they are playing, what they are experiencing in their relationship, build new communication patterns and address issues in a healthy manner as they arise.

Smoking Cessation
Peter Ninemire is a certified smoking cessation facilitator for the American Lung Associations Freedom From Smoking Program. He has much expertise in this field in addition to being an ex-smoker himself. Peter credits this experience as the initial understanding of how he was addicted to psychoactive drugs and resulting studies in addiction.