Treatment Philosophy

The Caring Center of Wichita understands that addiction is a disease and a public health problem. We believe that those suffering from this disease should be viewed and treated as patients, and not prisoners. We use an extremely individualized, open and holistic treatment approach with every patient that comes through our doors at The Caring Center of Wichita. Patients gain the very clear sense that we care, are non-judgmental, meet them where they are at and help them come to their own answers.

We believe that treatment and recovery for drug and alcohol use disorders is a process and not an event. We believe that consistent attendance is a requirement for change to occur and that “change which requires a temporary surrender of security”. Once a person recognizes the problem, it requires desire, focus, commitment, action and continual focus on all of these over time to gain recovery. The loss of focus in any of these areas often leads to relapse.